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Trigun Complete Series

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Quick Overview

In hunting Trigun who destroyed a town. Meili Lu and Millie first meet up with him, they are unclear about the look of Trigun. As for the misunderstanding they are caught by hunters and was threaten to the Trigun
Main Content of the DVDs:There is a man known as the “Century Hurricane -Trigun the legend of he would bring the killing and destruction wherever went. In order to prevent him from destruction , the insurance investigator Mai Lier and Millie began an investigation.

After contacting with he was completely different he was a gentle and kind man, respecting for life, He has been wandering to seeking to brother who try to destroy human After long wandering and fighting, tile repair raised his gun to their blood relatives …

Main Features:

Actors: Dorothy Melendrez, Jeff Nimoy, Johnny Yong Bosch, Lia Sargent

Directors: Joe Romersa

Format:Animated, Box set, Color,

Language: Japanese, English

Region: Freedom

Number of discs: 4

Trigun Complete Series-1
Trigun Complete Series-2
Trigun Complete Series-3
Trigun Complete Series-4
Trigun Complete Series-5

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Trigun Complete Series

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