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Pan Am – Complete First Season

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Quick Overview

In the 1960s as known that main line of the jet aircraft_Pan Am,with the development of the history of the Pan American Airways, Pan American describes the legend of stewardess, captains and passengers.

Main Content of the DVDs:
This drama in 1960s have a passion, jealousness, and plots. All this also occurred in the sky of thirty thousand feet. The emotional entanglements in the this new play have another favor.The aircraft has a beautiful appearance, the pilots are rock stars, flight attendants are everyone dreamy woman.

But the beauty is not the young girl, the pilot. Each of them of Pan Am received a good education, conservative and elegant. They can during the air first aid measures do not mess up the uniform and hair.

Main Features:

Actors: Christina Ricci, Kelli Garner, Michael Mosley

Format: Color, Box set


Number of discs: 3


Pan Am - Complete First Season-1


Pan Am - Complete First Season-2

Pan Am - Complete First Season-3

Pan Am - Complete First Season-4


Pan Am - Complete First Season-5

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Pan Am – Complete First Season

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