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Army Wives: Season 5 (2011)

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Quick Overview

Army Wives must deal with trivias every day and have to face the precarious marriage. They should stand the pressure of both life and their special husbands.
Main Content of the DVDs:Army Wives tells the military couples life in the American base story. A soldier’s wife, with her husband moved to the army base, where she and other military wives made friends. When their husbands were sent to the battlefield, this group of wives took care of each other, and helped each other.Main Features:

Actors: Kim Delaney, Catherine Bell, Brian McNamara

Format: DVD Boxset

Language: English

Number of discs: 3

Army Wives season 5-1 Army Wives season 5-2 Army Wives season 5-3 Army Wives season 5-4

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Army Wives: Season 5 (2011)

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